Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Void...

I get up in the morning. Get ready for work. My wife gets the kids ready for school, pack their lunch boxes, prepares my breakfast. I eat hurriedly, gulping the food in and I'm off to work. At work, the same rash behavior continues --- Answering client calls, arranging callbacks, dealing with the team members and their issues. Lunch time. Back to work madness. Evening tea. Office gets over. Back to home. Spend some time with kids and then off to my evening walk. 

This is the time when I am with myself. Me, Myself and my Shoonya (My Void) !! As I complete the first round of the park, my walking speed increases and now I am getting warm. I complete 4 rounds and I'm fully charged. I am not thinking about anything else, just counting my rounds. The first trickle of sweat start to flow down from the back of my neck. The body temperature is getting warmer. Now I am sweating profusely. But no thoughts flow except to complete my remaining quota of 5000 steps of the day. I do 10000 everyday. 

I am not thinking of my past. What happened when my dad died when I was 24? I'm not even thinking about my mom, who passed away last year. I am not thinking about my wife when she was diagnosed with a cancerous growth in her uterus. I am not thinking about my kids' PTM coming Saturday. I am not getting worried about their future, about their college fees or their marriages. 

I am in PRESENT.

I am with myself. Hearing my heart beat faster and I'm sweating profusely now. I have completed my step-count and am at ease with myself. I sit on a bench and let the sweat roll down on the grass. 
That's my daily dose of 'MY' moment. No analysis of life, No worrying of Future, No burden of the Past. Just me and my 'Shoonya' !!!